Coming together

After releasing Norman from their custody our villains follow him home. From there they set up watch on his house to see what happens. The next day, “Eric” follows Norman into Raven’s Hold compound disguised as a bodyguard for Norman. Norman delivers the message with the red “X” on it.

Our villains then follow Norman to his apothecary shop and keep watch on both his house and his shop. During the evening Milo Wellbynoticed a window open and close at the apothecary shop. Being the only one in the area he sent his imp familiar to alert the rest of the group while he investigated what just happened. During an encounter with the invisible assassin Milo Wellby was unscathed but also unable to locate the assassin. He was left with two options, either the cloaked figure was still in the shop or he had fled the area. Milo was unable to detect the cloaked figures exact whereabouts in either situation and decided to return to the inn to study spells more specific to the situation. In the morning Snarg Jabroni noticed Norman approach his shop as usual, but also saw his pulled into the shop against his will. Snarg decided to get closer to get a better look at what was happening. Upon getting to the entrance of the apothecary shop he noticed Norman was being pulled back by an invisible force. After a few seconds he saw Norman’s body go limp. Being unskilled in any form of medicine Snarg decided Norman was either unconscious or dead. Unable to see his opponent Snarg fled the area not wanting to become the next victim.

That night our villains gathered with their spells prepared and decided to loot Norman’s house. The the use of his magic Milo was the best prepared for the infiltration. While detecting thoughts he realizes there is someone asleep inside. He went upstairs and noticed Norman was in fact still alive. A quick conversation with Norman reveals that he is a very confused but compliant businessman. He is trying to stay alive and make a living and is clearly caught in the middle of something over his head. Milo then detects a new set of thoughts approaching the house. Using a telepathic bond Milo warns the rest of the group the assassin is near. Everyone in the group had prepared by getting a “see invisible” scroll ready for the night. Unfortunately no one wants to give away their position to the assassin by casting a spell. Because they sided on caution the assassin sneaks into the house undetected and dispatches Norman. Milo was then able to get the drop on the assassin and successfully dominates the assassin.

Now the villains finally have someone with some information. They discover that Raven’s Hold does have evil operatives within it now running things. Unable to resist the spell the assassin Paul Wilheimer gives up all his contacts within the organization. Because the evil operatives within Raven’s Hold are so secretive Paul is only able to give up his immediate commander and his underlings. He gives up the names of people in the city that he regularly bribes.

Once the villains have gotten the information they can from Paul they order him to sleep. Then “Will” assassinates him while sleeping. They cast invisibility on his body. They also cast invisibility on “Will” and give him boots of levitation. “Will” flew the body up in the middle of the main street in Canton and hung the body from an imovable rod. At the end of the duration of the spell the body became visible. Because of the peculiar form of execution it took city official several hours to get someone with the proper skills to disable the device high enough to reach it.

Our villains now have the resources of the late Norman and Paul. Time will tell how they use them.

A Matter of Poison

After narrowly escaping the law. Our villainous adventurers head to Canton. An unstable city ripe with opportunity. Upon arriving in town trying not to draw attention to themselves they head to the place everyone seems to go, the largest inn in the city. They find themselves at the Dragon Ale Inn, known for its strong ale. Some members decide to celebrate their narrow escape by drinking large quantities of ale. Others in the group take the opportunity of the loud distraction to study those around them. They do notice a man in a dark cloak with his hood pulled up sitting in a corner studying each one of their group. When Milo Wellby confronts the cloaked man, he is very short with his answers and quickly takes his leave of the inn.

Finding this encounter awkward but not quite unsettling they decide to sleep in their separate rooms. Upon waking up the villains find the woodsman, Jarl dead. Closer inspection reveals his throat was slit with a dagger that was poisoned with Wyverns blood. They also find a note on the inside of the door reading, “You are not welcome to operate in my city. LEAVE OR DIE.”

Our villains find this more of a challenge than anything and decide to track down the killer before they all die. Realizing there are very rarely more than a few people that sell poison in a city they decide to track down the person who sold the assassin the poison. They start their investigation in the slums where they quickly track down a very frightened poison salesman. “JAY” tortures poor Steve to find what little information he had on the assassin. Steve did know the man wore a dark cloak whenever he came to make a purchase. He noticed that the man wore a Raven’s Hold emblem around his neck. After telling them where his own poison stash is hidden, “CHRIS” magically removes Steve’s still beating heart when he fails to tell “ERIC” about a trap on his poison stash.

The next day our villains do some more research and find there is an apothecary in the wealthy district that is located near the base of operations of Raven’s Hold. It also appears as if this apothecary may sell some less than savory concoctions. “Eric” poses as new agent of the cloaked figure. Bluffing his way in with a list of poisons that his boss needs. When Norman the apothecary is not startled by the list of contraband our villains know they have the right person. Norman is unsettled by meeting with new people because he has always worked with our cloaked figure alone. “Eric” assures him it is because of new security protocols and agrees to meet him at the usual spot. Milo Wellby was detecting Norman’s thoughts and was able to gather that the meeting place was in the industrial district of the city, but was unable to determine an exact location.

The simple way of finding where Norman was traveling to was to follow him. Our villains lurked in the shadows and followed Norman to the where house. Upon Norman’s arrival, “Eric” is able to sneak into the building past Norman disguised as the Assassin.

Through deception the group is able to convince Norman to give them the secret code he is to use to get in touch with the unknown assassin if he is ever trouble. He tells them he has never used it before but he is to put a red “X” on and envelope and inside the envelope put in a piece of paper with a red “X” on it. He is then to deliver the message to the greeter at the main Raven’s Hold office and wait.

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