Villains of Canton

The prosperous city of Canton has recently fallen upon hard times. The adventuring group Raven’s Hold saw to the rise of this trade city, fighting off competition that would feed on the good people. Under the protection of Raven’s Hold, Canton grew into one of the greatest cities in the world. But things have been changing.

Seven years ago the leader of Raven’s Hold, Franz Lockner died of unknown reasons. A new person stepped in to take over, Zed Bryman. Over the last seven years it appears as if Zed is losing control of the city and can no longer protect it from vile plots. The city guard are over-taxed protecting a prosperous trade city and trying to foil the plots outsiders. People have started to go missing in the slums. Some businesses are seeming to rise to power for no good reason. And the hard working people of Canton are threatened by a feeling of encroaching doom.

Fleeing a past murder, it is this city that our villains have chosen to travel to. They will try to take advantage of the weak townspeople. But before they can get rich off the clueless town’s purse, they must find who or what has been causing the vileness in the first place.


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