Milo Wellby


10th Level Wizard

AC: 15 (unmodified)

HP: 42

Initiative: +4

Str: 11/ Dex: 18/ Con: 13/ Int: 22/ Wis: 13/ Cha: 12

Fort:6/ Ref: 9/ Will: 10

Feats/ Special abilities: Scribe Scroll, Summon Familiar, Improved Familiar, Silent Spell, Still Spell, Sudden Extend spell, Spell Focus (Enchantment), Improved Counter Spell

Languages: Common, Halfling, Dwarven, Elven, Sign language, Orc, Infernal, Undercommon

Familiar: Fizzledent AC:24, HP:42, Fly 50ft, Detect good/detect magic/invisibility at will, suggestion 1/day, Share Spell, Improved evasion, empathic link, speak with master, Languages: Common and Infernal.


Height: 3’4”/ Weight: 35lbs./ Hair: Brown/ Eyes: Blue/ Apparent age: 31

At first glance it is easy to tell he is not like most halflings you’ve probably dealt with. Where most of his folk are generally good natured, and for lack of a better word jovial, he is deceptive, bitter, and power hungry. Generally he will be found wearing simple earth toned adventuring gear, however as his abilities imply he can sometimes be found in loose free flowing robes.

He is an uncharacteristically adept spell caster for his race, devoting his time to the pursuit of arcane power, arcane manipulation, and arcane deception, when he is not studying or cooped up in his lab he can usually be found plotting and scheming for power. While a selfish and undoubtedly evil individual he does value strength in numbers and prefers to exploit every asset a pawn might serve before disposing of them. if he view you as a liability he will eliminate you. He is more of a mastermind and power grabber and less of a blood thirsty maniac or greedy kleptomaniac, the killing he leaves to others.

He does believe in Karma very strongly and in his own twisted mind feels even if he orders someone’s execution or is directly associated with their death he will still be free of Karma’s retribution, so long as he does not bloody his own hands. As any Lawful evil Villain he of course has his own twisted code of conduct, because of course he does not view himself as evil, he views himself as an opportunist who must make the best of his life in this fucked up world, he does however have some inkling that he might be slightly insane.

Milo’s Code of conduct:
  1. The world is a chess board and everything is my pawn.
  2. Life is not a precious miracle, only a tool for power.
  3. Dogs are man’s best friend and should be treated as such.
  4. Arcane and divine spell user’s are always a threat and must always be eliminated.
  5. I owe no one anything.
  6. A promise is a promise, and like all things can be manipulated.
  7. Children are weak and always become a liability.

Milo Wellby

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